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The GWS Foundation is a foundation formed out of the urgent need to shield our Earth from global warming and Climate Change. We are strategically connected to the COP 22 Conference of Paris declaration to ensure that the global temperature reduces by 2 degrees in 2030.

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What We Do.

The vision is to become the number one Global Warming and Climate Change Foundation in the world contributing greatly in achieving net zero emission by 2050. The following form our core agenda.


We aim to plant 1 billion Trees by 2030. We will achieve this through several Participatory Tree Planting Initiatives. Our target is to plant about 100 million multipurpose trees per annum within Africa. “THE GREENING NIGERIAN SCHOOL PROJECTS” to Grow fruit with children and teach them about the importance of healthy foods and nutrition.


One of the goals of Global Warming Shield Foundation in shielding the earth from Global Warming and Climate Change is to replace 10 million firewood stoves with clean tech stoves which uses biodegradable materials by 2030. We are fully aware that planting trees to replace trees that have been cut down for firewood without addressing the root cause of cutting down the trees will be a futile venture.


We offer both free and subsidized trainings on Renewable Energy, biodiversity, Tree Planting, Environmental Sanitation etc to equip our members to be proper Green Ambassadors.


We give African Youths Scholarships to study courses related to the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change. We will give premium to members of our foundation. We seek to partner with other NGOs with similar objectives.


In Nigeria, there are 445 forest reserves, 7 strict nature reserves, 1 biosphere reserve, more than 20 natural regeneration plots, more than 200 permanent sample plots, 32 game reserves/sanctuaries, 3 fish parks, 7 national parks and 3 Ramsar sites. Despite these, the destruction of natural habitats continues unabated resulting in the depletion of the country’s biodiversity. The goal of our biodiversity conservation program is to ensure that these resources are not consumed faster than they are replaced.


Various reports affirmed that Africa still host one of the dirtiest Cities in the world. Nigeria is arguably the most populous black country in the world with a population of almost 200 million. Nigeria still has serious environmental issues, which unwinds the effort by the international communities in fighting against Global Warming and Climate Change.


The foundation through our several programs and projects will generate both direct and indirect jobs in Africa. For example through our tree planting campaign, we intend creating more than 3 million direct and indirect jobs in Africa. With more than 1 million jobs in Nigeria alone.


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Our work spans through various communities, rural and urban and not limited to age, religion or or gender.

Abia Chapter

Tree planting begins in Abia State of Nigeria. Details

Inaugural Meeting, Abia State Chapter

GWS official Inaugural Meeting, Abia State Chapter. Details

Plateau Tree Planting

Plateau State, Nigeria welcomed GWS Foundation and partook in some extensive tree Planting. Details

Inaugural Meeting, Plateau State

GWS Foundation Inaugural Meeting, Plateau State. Details

Tree Planting in Plateau State

School students partake in Tree Planting in Plateau State. Details

World Environment Day

GWS with communities during the World Environment Day 2019. Details

The GWS Foundation, Niger State

Gwsf Niger state chapter, pay visit to permanent secretary environment nd forestry at her office together with the Director of Forest and Director of climate change for proper introduction of the new innovation. Details

The GWS Foundation, Zamfara State

GWS meeting with community leaders, Zamfara state. Details

Inaugural Meeting, Zamfara State

GWS meeting with community leaders, Zamfara state. Details

Osun State Inaugural Meeting

GWS Foundation Inaugural meeting with community leaders in Osun State, Nigeria. Details

Board of trustees.

  • Michael Iwu is a graduate of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy Awka. He has about 10 years experience in the Energy business. He was the lead engineer for the feasibility studies to establish a 600 MW Solar Farm and 100 MW Wind Farm in Cameroon. He is a professional member of International Solar Energy Society ISES and also a member of IEEE.

    Author image
    Michael Iwu Founder/President.
  • Chisom is a passionate Philanthropist, she has both her first degree and Masters degrees in Guardian and Counseling from Imo State University, Owerri. She is a member of Nigerian Institute of Management and she is currently a school teacher at Top scholars Schools Lagos. She has strong passion for children and she is at the forefront of the Plant a Tree campaign in Primary and Secondary schools.

    Author image
    Chisom Iwu Co-founder.
  • Salaudeen bagged a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria. He is a Principal Research Fellow at the Plantation Establishment and Management Unit of the Sustainable Forest Management Department, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan.

    Author image
    Salaudeen, Abdulwaheed Bayonle Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Robo (Orobosa Igbu) is the project lead for the Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) program in Nigeria, which is focused on off-grid solar market development and finance. He is part of IFC Climate Business- FIG Advisory Service team in Sub-Sahara Africa.

    Author image
    Robo Igbu Climate and Renewable Energy Finance Professional, Dealflow Consultant
  • Simeon Ayoade Sunbola is an experienced Waste Management and Waste Recycling Expert, with core areas of specialty in electronic/mechanical waste. He is the MD of S.A Sunbola Nig.

    Author image
    Simeon Ayoade Sunbola
  • Alhaji Kabiru Audu has a B.Sc degree in Political Science from ABU Zaria in 1980 and an MBA in lnternational Business from Lagos State University. He has worked in Bank of Credit and Commerce lnternational Limited in Kano after attending the Banking School in Pakistan.

    Author image
    Alhaji Kabiru Audu
  • Ajiferuke, Samson Owolabi, a Statistics practitioner, a civil servant with deep knowledge of data generation through analysis to dissemination. A member of Nigerian Statistical Association (a body of Statistician), also a seasoned Cooperative administrator, with unalloyed passion for environment.

    Author image
    Ajiferuke, Samson Owolabi Head of NBS, Osun State
  • Mr. Blessyn Okpowo was born on July 7, 1966 in Idheze Irri, Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State.  He trained at the University of Benin (1990) and Lagos State University (2001) respectively, where he obtained both his Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Masters Of Arts (MA) in International History and Diplomacy specializing in Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management. He practiced journalism at the Concord and Vanguard Newspapers for fourteen years rising to the position of Deputy Editor at the Weekend Vanguard. 

    Author image
    Mr. Blessyn Okpowo


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